1951 Edward Povey – Born May in South London, England.

1966 Tolar Schultz - Born May in Cleveland, TN.

1972-73 Povey studies drawing at Eastbourne College for Art and Design, England.

1974-78 Povey studies painting at the University of Wales. He paints twenty-five public and private multi-storey murals in Wales and England. Shows at The Royal Exchange, London. The BBC begins to follow his career.

1981 Schultz apprentices in lithographic printing in Fort Myers, FL.

1984 Schultz studies art at Abraham Baldwin College, GA.

1986 Povey interviewed by BBC with the former President of the Royal Academy of Art, London - Sir Hugh Casson KCVO, RA, RD. Studies color with Geometric Abstractionist Paul Klose, Jan de Maere in Brussels and Malcolm T. Liepke in New York.

1987 Schultz works in design interpretation, layout, dark room technique, and plate making. Cape Coral, FL.

1991 Povey shows with Paul Cadmus and Jack Levine at Midtown Payson Gallery, New York.

1992-93 Povey commissioned to paint a chamber concert hall for The University of Wales. Shows with Walt Kuhn and George Tooker at Midtown Payson Gallery, New York.

1992-95 Schultz works in designing, layout, and composition. Ocala, FL and Daphne, AL.

1994 Povey shows with Gwen John, Augustus John, Graham Sutherland and John Piper: Martin Tinny Gallery, Wales.

1997-99 Povey invited to join the Royal Cambrian Academy of Art by its president Sir Kyffin Williams. Museums in Britain and the USA begin acquiring Povey works.

2001 Povey invited to Buckingham Palace to meet with Her Majesty the Queen of England and The Prince of Wales.

2003 Edward Povey and Tolar Schultz meet.

2004-05 Povey and Schultz study form in London art museums, and work in their Caribbean, Wales and Florida studios. The Times Newspaper, London writes an article on Povey.

2006 Povey is proposed for a knighthood in London, supported by the Art Institute of Chicago, the Welsh National Theater and BBC Wales - in recognition of his art.

2007-10 Povey and Schultz interviewed on BBC Television, ITV Television, S4C Television and in regional newspapers. They lecture in Wales, England and the USA, and build a studio in the Hill Country around Austin.

2011-12 MOMA Wales authors a book on Edward Povey’s life and work. Povey and Schultz study in search of a new visual language.

2013-15 They collaborate on building a new concept combining abstraction and liminal figuration, documented by Italian Museum Curator Giuseppe Bachi; and the Former Head of Public Policy of BBC Wales and Deputy Chair of Artes Mundi, Huw Roberts.

2016 Photographed by Philip Rogers.  

2016 I.E.E.E. - the largest organization of engineers in the world, published their charter for ethics in artificial intelligence, using Povey and Schultz paintings as illustrations. They also advise the White House and the United Nations.
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