1972    Israel : Ramat Yohanan Kibbutz, Kiryat Ata.
           The Abraham and Isaac public mural.
1975    Wales, Albin and Gibbs, Bangor City.
           4.88 X 4.57 m / 16 X 15 ft.
           Storage Jars public mural.  
1977    Wales, Aberconwy Borough Council.
           11.75 X 4.55 m / 13 X 35 ft.
           Street Circus public mural.
1977    Wales, Jan and Ian Albin, Bangor.
           8.2 X 6.08 m / 27 X 20 ft.
           The Dream public mural.
1977    Wales, The University of Wales.
           4.57 X 2.74 m / 15 X 9 ft.
           War Mural public mural.
1979    Wales, Harlech Television.
           17 X 12.5 m / 56 X 41 ft.
           Helter Skelter public mural.
1979    Wales, Caernarfon County Council. Fron Deg Mental Hostel.
           Two public murals.
1980    Wales, Mr. Radford, Menai Bridge.
           5.18 X 6.4 m / 17 X 21 ft.
           Fishing public mural.
1980    Wales, Holyhead Magistrates Courts, Isle of Anglesey.
           121.92 X 121.92 cm / 48 X 48 ins.
           Balance public sculpture.
1981   Wales, Craftcentre Cymru, Porthmadog.
          15 X 9.3 m / 50 X 31 ft.
          Pots public mural.
          England, Wales, USA and Grenada, West Indies. Numerous commissions for
          paintings from private collectors in several countries.
1988   Grenada, West Indies, Dr. Nelly Golarz de Bourne. Portrait of Geoffrey Bourne,
          Vice Chancellor of Saint George’s University.
1992   Wales, The University of Wales, Bangor. 6.076 X 12.152 m / 20 X 40 ft.
          Hall of Illusion public mural.
2000   New Jersey, Mr. & Mrs. John Corrie.
          Heroic scale bronze sculpture for private garden: Couple Dancing.
2002   Texas Tech University. Heroic scale public bronze sculpture for the atrium\
          of the medical school.
2008   Further commissions of Povey and Schultz paintings in the private
          Corrie Collection of New Jersey and Surrey, England.2008–12
          A series of commissions for paintings to add to the private Christy Collection.
2012  Prof. Kam Chana, Commercial & Technical Director,  University of Oxford
         Department of Engineering Science. Commission for painting.
2018  Austin, Eric and Maria Groten
         Santa Fe, Randy and Dorothy Rose
         Austin, John Baker and Elvira Chavaria
         Brooklyn, NY, Eduardo and Maria Laura Literrio
         New Orleans, Angela King and Julie  Jacobs

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