Anita Shapolsky, owner of the Anita Shapolsky Gallery and Foundation.
"Your art is masterly and powerful." July 2016

Professor Anthony Jones CBE Dip.Ad., BA, MFA, DFA, HonAIA, FRCA, FRSA - President, The School of The Art Institute Of Chicago
"Povey is an extraordinary figurative painter of great power, schooled in the classical traditions of brilliantly-crafted composition, whose work is executed with a highly personal and idiosyncratic style. While he freely references his debt to the painters of the Italian Renaissance, to the monumental early works of Picasso, the drama of Caravaggio, or the complex works of Spencer, his work is nevertheless completely original and of his own invention. He is a painter whose work extends the traditions he respects, and adds to the language of painting, adds to the 'body of knowledge'. He is one of the very few easel-painters who can transfer from smaller scale to the vast – his huge mural The Hall of Illusion for the Powis Hall at the University of Wales, Bangor, is a quite astounding achievement."

Huw Roberts - former head of BBC Wales
"There are very few painters working today who can equal Povey's highly original compositions, which are complex and challenging, but communicate so readily with a wide audience. An honor for Edward Povey would be an appropriate reflection of a distinguished artist whose life and continuing work deserves recognition."
"Edward Povey’s art communicates a very real message about the human condition in a way which makes you re-examine the conventions of the visible world. Strikingly, his refusal to accept convention in the work is matched by an equally unconventional approach to presenting it. "

Paul Islwyn Thomas - former head of Arts for the BBC 2006
"Edward Povey makes work which challenges our preconceived ideas of the human condition. He removes layer after layer of unnecessary veneer to create images which overflow with universal meaning and cultural and artistic value."

Kate Mulgrew - Actress
"An Edward Povey hangs in my living room and every day I am reminded of his originality, his beauty, and the eternal promise of his craft."

Xaviera Hollander - Author of the best seller book: "The Happy Hooker", Penthouse columnist, legend, performer, raconteur and theatrical entrepreneur
"Edward Povey's art communicates that the body language of the characters he depicts is so intense, emotional and surreal that they make you curious to see much more of his work."

Anne Bobby - screen and stage actress, known for her part in the 1989 film ‘Born on The Fourth of July’ (Tom Cruise, Willem Dafoe, Oliver Stone)
"Wow. Otto Dix eat your heart out! Povey's art is as emotionally fearless as it is visually breathtaking."

Cefin Roberts - Artistic Director of the Welsh National Theater
"You don't need to see Povey's work hanging on a wall to receive its power and sense of theatre: it hangs in your memory too."

Ken Owen - Art collector and playwright, Wales
"Your (Povey) new paintings are very interesting. They're a departure from the work you've created before. I'd say many of these new works are bound for museums. My world is enriched beyond words with you in it."
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