13 mins 25 secs

This video is about how POVEY and SCHULTZ have taken familiar elements, combined them using devices of their own, and have produced an unfamiliar result  which functions only in the flesh.

POVEY and SCHULTZ structures - 2016
6 mins 17secs

POVEY and SCHULTZ define their collaboration, discuss their Manifesto and working process.

POVEY and SCHULTZ - About Their Work - Interview 2015
8 mins 35 secs

POVEY and SCHULTZ in an interview with the artist Megan Jaster,
conducted in their studio and asking about their influences
and their working process.

Speaking frankly about his art -
8 mins 35 secs

Edward POVEY speaks in a public lecture about the construction of his work and its devices, also straying into the influence of his childhood, and the complex of factors which play into his art - prior to the publishing of the POVEY and SCHULTZ collaboration.
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